Crock Pot SCCPCTS605-S Slow Cooker

Hectic schedules often prevent the delicious home cooked meals most families prefer. Not to worry – we have found a way in our household so that we can keep our busy schedules while still eating wonderful, healthy foods. For several years now, we have used slow cooker crock pots  to make sure our family gets what they need after a busy day. Continue reading

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Use Your Crockpot for Easy Family Holiday Meals

If your family is anything like ours around the holidays, you probably have more on your plate, so to speak, than you need as you prepare your home for guests. We are here to make your holiday a bit easier when it comes to feeding your family and friends. Continue reading

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Five Great Halloween Cocktails


Every Halloween you hear about the same parties: zombies, vampires, werewolves. Somebody hangs black and orange crate paper and plays Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Thriller’ on repeat.

But this Halloween you can take your party to unique heights with distinctive and delicious themed drinks. Continue reading

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Halloween Recipes from Tricks to Treats

Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday, perfect for holding parties with family and friends. Apart from costumes which are a key part of the holiday, Halloween recipes and sweet treats are another essential part of any Halloween get-together.

Whether you’re catering for a gaggle of excited children, or just adults who are young-at-heart, then there are plenty of brilliant Halloween recipes that will set up the perfect mood for your party! Continue reading

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Five Fun Halloween Foods for Your Party

Halloween is one of the most popular events throughout the year, mainly because of the fun of creating costumes, decorating, and creating unique food items. If you are throwing a Halloween party this season, you will want to make sure you have plenty of holiday-related food on hand. Continue reading

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Halloween Snacks and Desserts Ideas

You can’t have a Halloween party without plenty of Halloween food for all the ghosts and ghouls attending, right? Fortunately whipping up a bunch Halloween food goodies for your crew couldn’t be easier. All you need is a little time, the right ingredients and, faster than a zombie can mumble “Brains”, you’ve got a Halloween food spread you can be proud of. Continue reading

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Two Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day and we are going to share two chocolate chip cookie recipes to honor the day. When I was ten-years-old and just learning how to bake from my mother and also through the local 4-H Club, one of the first types of cookie I made was chocolate chip cookies. Continue reading

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A Meaty Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Sometimes families fall into a habit of having the same special breakfast every holiday morning. It may be your favorite and your family enjoys it too, but there comes a time when you start thinking that maybe there is something else out there. It might not be a sudden decision to change up your breakfast, but just a little nudge.

You want breakfast to be filling, but not necessarily filled with fat, calories, and carbs. Breakfast casseroles are the answer to that problem. With an endless variety of foods to add to your eggs, you can let your imagination run wild while keeping tabs on the nutritional value. Any combination of foods you dream up, you can probably mix together to create a yummy and healthy breakfast casserole. Continue reading

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Traditional Easter Foods You May Recognize

Easter has been one of the most celebrated holidays for many centuries, as well as one of the most the most important dates in the Christian calendar. So important, that many people so don’t normally attend a church service do so that day.

No matter what people believe and how they choose to worship, most people take the opportunity to get together with family and friends as they enjoy a delicious Easter meal. You will find many of these food items on your dinner table on that special holiday. Continue reading

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Can You Adapt Your Recipes to a Slow Cooker?


Now that slow cookers seem to have taken a priority spot in our kitchen, what do we do with all those recipes in our cookbooks and card files? I’ve often wondered if I could prepare at least some of those recipes in a slow cooker. I’ve done a fair amount of research and have come to the conclusion that there are recipes that will transition, but not all off them.

While we can just follow the numerous slow cooker cookbooks that are available now, that still leaves us with a number of index cards recipes that we don’t find in any cookbook. On top of that, apparently there are a few rules and adjustments that we have to make before we can be assured of a successful meal. That and a certain amount of trial and error can help us make a fairly smooth transition. Here’s what we need to consider: Continue reading

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Easter Table Decorations Set the Tone for Your Meal


Easter means a lot to most families that I know and we choose to share the day by enjoying a special meal with our family and friends. Although many people celebrate Easter as a traditional religious day, others celebrate it as the arrival of spring.

Easter table decorations can help to mark this special occasion. The overall message is of new life and rebirth, and traditional Easter table decorations make use of bright spring colors to mark the time of the year. Here is a list of five main table decorations you may want to incorporate, and the ways in which they can convey that hopeful Easter message. Continue reading

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Festive Holiday Hot Chocolate Recipe

Festive Holiday Hot Chocolate Recipe

Because it is the holiday season, I thought I would share a delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe with you. While you can certainly use canned whipped cream, fresh whip cream is recommended for best taste.

Continue reading

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Mushroom Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

Are you looking for a special breakfast casserole that will please your family, including visitors? We have a great dish we really believe you will like. No matter what time you and your family get up in the morning during the holidays, this breakfast food will hit the spot. Continue reading

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Christmas Recipes for Diabetics – Pudding and Pie

Diabetics no longer have to give up dessert during the holidays. Sugar is no longer considered the culprit for those who have diabetes according to recent research. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) now considers the biggest dietary risk factor for type 2 diabetics as being overweight due to overeating. When diabetics eat smaller portions and factor in the carbs, they can enjoy an occasional after meal treat. Continue reading

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How to Cook the Turkey More Than One Way


There is more than one way to do almost everything. This includes preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. We all know just how good a slow roasted turkey from the oven tastes. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, here are some other choices for creating a turkey wonder that’s a bit different from the norm, but just as tasty.

Barbequed Turkey – We put everything else on the grill, why not a turkey too? Grilling a turkey gives it a unique flavor and texture much like chicken parts grilled to perfection for a family outing. The difference is that here we are grilling an entire turkey at once. Instead of putting the turkey on the grill slats, it is placed in a baking pan over the flames. This way, the turkey can be basted and seasoned prior to and during the cooking process. As the turkey nears doneness, add your favorite sauce to it for an extra kick. Continue reading

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