Money Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

Everything is getting more expensive today. From gas to groceries, our hard-earned dollars are challenged to stretch further, especially during the holidays. Now, we may be able to ride a bicycle around town if we can’t put gas in our cars. But, we have to eat. There’s no getting around that. So, we have to find ways to spend less on groceries while still getting the things that we need to feed ourselves and our families.

Here are six money saving tips to try the next time you go grocery shopping. Continue reading

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Family Holiday Healthy Food Ideas

I’ve learned from experience that children of all ages often enjoy helping with food preparations, especially during the holiday. My grandson loves to help in the kitchen and his motto is more the merrier. With a little planning and creativity we can change the eating habits of our family, especially during the holidays when so many of us derail our usual healthy eating lifestyle.

Healthy eating is important for all ages of the family, not just the adults. When children learn at an early age what kind of food they can eat and what food is unhealthy, they will likely live the rest of their life eating the same way. Continue reading

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Crockpot Recipes Timesavers for Busy People

Crockpots have been around since the seventies and every once in a while they return to popularity, especially for those who have busy households. The item that was a necessity in every kitchen in the 70s is being pulled out of mothballs and new ones are flying off the shelves as people are striving to give their families a hot, healthy meal for less money and without spending hours in the kitchen. Old crockpot recipes are resurfacing and new ones being created.


The new economy has made it necessary to work more hours – or more jobs – and save money wherever possible. Crockpot recipes tend to make life simpler by letting you combine ingredients in the morning and let the crockpot do the work while you’re off to a job or extracurricular activities. Continue reading

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Do You Know What Natural Really Means?

Today we are drifting away from our usual holiday food and dessert-type article to provide you with information you may or may not know. When this topic came to my attention, I had to admit I had no idea what “natural” on a food label really meant. And if I was to be totally honest, I would have to admit I rarely look at food labels in the first place. Continue reading

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Grilling Chicken: A Healthy Alternative to Beef

In our old neighborhood, the one sure sign that the weather was getting warmer and that summer was right around the corner was the sight and smell of barbecued food. You could be sure on the first nice day of spring the local stores would see a run on charcoal briquettes and hamburgers, steaks, and chickens. Continue reading

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Grilling Steak is an Art Form

Barbecue season is here and it’s time to break out the grill and get cooking. Nothing says summer more than an outdoor barbecue and nothing is better grilling steak. Steak is perhaps the quintessential barbecue food. Anyone can grill a hot dog or a hamburger, but grilling steak to perfection over hot coals is an art. Continue reading

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Shish Kebobs a Great Alternative

Shish kebobs have been around for centuries, dating back to the seventeenth century Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean times. At that time they were called kebab or kabab and consisted of pieces of meat or fish cooked on a skewer or spit, or roasted on a grill. Continue reading

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Two No-Bake Fruit Pie Recipes

No bake pies have been a favorite in our family since the seventies. Mom especially liked fruit pies as she and a couple of friends often visited various locations around our home state of Michigan when fruit was in season. Often fruit orchards would allow people to pick as much of the fruit they wanted for free or for a low cost. Continue reading

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Easy Ways to Use Your Crockpot for Family Meals or Entertaining

For most of us, when we first get our crockpot, or any other kitchen item, we are excited and anxious to put it to use. Our new crockpot is no exception. Unfortunately, as time goes by our crockpot merely takes up space in the kitchen because we don’t know that many easy crockpot recipes or how we can use the crockpot to make our life easier. Continue reading

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Cook and Carry 6-Quart Travel Crock Pot Review

It’s the Christmas holiday season as I share this review, a time when friends and family get together for a family-oriented dinner. We had huge Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with grandparents, aunts, uncles and children. We were always carrying something delicious to share. Several family members had great big roasters that they brought to the festivities, but they were bulky, the glass covers were awkward, and juice often escaped in the car on the way over. What a mess! Continue reading

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